Founded by Felipe Meres, Venarie is a creative studio specializing in 3D simulation and motion design. With expertise in Houdini and Cinema 4D, the studio creates visually compelling and distinguished images that often combine the seductive and the strange.

Venarie has worked with a variety of high-profile clients and studios such as Hennessy, J. Balvin, Equinix, Luke Halls Studio, and Serial Pictures, delivering innovative and boundary-pushing 3D renderings. Through a commitment to creativity and cutting-edge technology, Venarie continues to expand its reach in the field of 3D simulation and motion design, delivering responsive and unexpected creative solutions to clients across various industries.

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In the creation of the music video for Clarice Falcão's single "Esvaziou" from her 2019 album "Tem Conserto," we were responsible for the entire conceptualization and execution process. This production included crafting a 3D reproduction of Clarice Falcão's face for a prominent prop. Various tools such as Cinema 4D, Redshift, Zbrush, Fusion, and Davinci Resolve to bring the vision to life.